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Humorous poem about my chocolate chip cookie =P


I take a bite
immediately plunging head first
into some vast greatness
spinning, twirling out of control.
Down a spiral vortex into my soul.

There the chocolate melts
Releasing guilty pleasures
Into the already filthy atmosphere
Wrapping me up inside the taste
The pureness, too good to waste

Outside, the others whisper
Each wanting what they can’t have
It wasn’t theirs for the taking
My tongue tingles in its bliss
It makes them yearn for what they miss.

The smell, the godly mix
The heavenly bakery,
Cant put a price on the deliciousness
Everyone knows it’s too good to be real
Forever encased, in an unbreakable seal.

The mind, driven from its normality
Into the darkness to seek thee cookie
The perfect, perfect cookie
Ah, but it is not what it seems
This cookie cannot be eaten, except in your dreams.

Tell me what you think :)
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