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Dead Ends

in bennetts class we were reading one poem from our note books and i read on that was free-verse--for extra credit. and its a sad, deep poem, and when i got done reading it, everyone jsut stared at me, mouth agape, and so i like laughed alittle, and i heard some wows, and such, and mr. bennett, was like woah and raised his eyebrows, and that was pretty weird, and sunny came over to me at lunch and was like, wow, i really liked your poem today lisa, it was deep, real deep, your really good.

Dead Ends

Looking back
At that cursed day
I wish I could change it
But it wont go away

So much anger builds up
I yell at the sky
Screaming out questions
Wondering why

I wish it was me
Staining the ground
I wish it was me
Instead of you not around

You would be here
If I was in that seat
You wouldn’t die of burns
From third degree heat

Your laughter
Your smile
The feeling of it gone
Won’t leave my heart for a while

You were always good
With helping me
See through my problems
You saw things I couldn’t see

You were my eyes
Because I was too blind to see
I was amazing to you
But you were so beautiful to me

Your fate teaches me strength
There was nothing you couldn’t do
I would discover the world
The day I walked in your shoes

Because your life
Seems more important than mine
I would trade in a heartbeat
But you ran out of time

If it didn’t end
I wonder if I would be this strong
Your death taught me to cope
I learned to hold on

The night was dark
There was no moon
But the fire lit up the world
Like the real time was noon

Loneliness is depressing
But loss is real
It can be determined
Just how we will feel

Would you be writing this
Do you regret what you do
I would gladly switch places
I’d die to save you.
--lisa price

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