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Hmmmm, all kinds of art eh? Well, for this post, I think I'm going to let you guys see a song I wrote. Enjoy.

by Thomas Arthur Ratliff (ME!!!!!!)

When we first met, I knew you were the one
And I asked you out so we could have some fun
I never wouldv'e guessed how far one date would go
And after all this time, I thought that you should know

When you're here with me, I know how good life can be, baby
And if it weren't for you, I know that I would go so crazy
All the time we spend together, I know that I would never
Love another the way that I love you

Hook 1: It's amazing, how you make me feel inside/
It's amazing, that youre gonna be my bride/
Your smile, your style, the look in your eyes/
You make me thank God I'm alive/
And it's amazing, all the love I have inside... for you

I love you more every single day
Looking back, I'm so glad that you stayed
I have really never felt more for anyone else
You mean so much, and I love you more than life itself

It has been so many years since we first met one another
For the rest of my life, I could never love any other
But now you see it differently, and how I wish you could see
Exactly how much I still love you, and what you mean to me

And if I never get to hold... you again
And if this is really to be... the end
I can always reminice, about your sweet kiss
And how fortunate I am not to have missed

Hook 2: How amazing, you were when I called you mine
How amazing, that you were part of my life
Your smile, your style, the look in your eyes
How I miss that on cold lonely nights
You are so amazing, and I always will... love you

© Thomas Arthur Ratliff 2002
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