Mistress' Bastard (flying_musique) wrote in socially_poetic,
Mistress' Bastard

Last thing I've created on the computer.

There I shot through the fire and the ice
In that corner I threw up every lie I swallowed.
It's like wandering through an ornamental heaven
Where tears are doubled through it's effect.

Hesitant, unloving, without…

This here's reality, yet it's better than reality
Which grapples virgin skin and tears it bleeding and sore.
Even if the scars fade from physical form,
I'll close my eyes and see them seeping back from my pores.
This self inflicted glory is what I've been with,
Divorcing it will be hard, but it's a dead end marriage.

Life enjoys ensaring wary victims in venomous traps,
Luring us with the charms of pure seduction,
But, little girl, you're stupid to overreact…
Take my lead, fuck the cloud then leave it to be a whore.



Magic potions brimming with desire,
Burning wands emit smoke to curl around my fire.
Pretty men with generous tongues and jealous minds
Bright eyed girls take my hand and guide me through their world.


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